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Rustic Retreat: Decorating with Rustic Style


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Modern Influence
Rustic Retreat: Decorating with Rustic Style

(Photo courtesy of Design Indulgence.)

This modern take on traditional rustic décor represents a growing trend toward cleaner, more contemporary designs that incorporate elements of rustic style. As with all rustic designs, texture continues to play a key role. Rustic décor relies heavily on the use of a variety of richly textured, naturally sourced materials, such as:

  • leather or suede
  • organic fabrics like cotton, hemp, burlap, linen, wool or animal skins
  • wood floors, wood paneling, wooden furniture, branches, bark or twigs
  • wrought iron or rusted metals
  • pewter or metals with patina
  • stone, slate, or concrete

Despite this nursery’s obvious contemporary appeal, the use of primitive fabric, such as linen and burlap, and the introduction of organic accessories, like the sheepskin area rug, adds rustic charm to the design. Designer, Sherry Hart of Design Indulgence, also fashioned a rustic backdrop for the crib using a stunning pair of antique barn doors, adding another layer of texture, suggestive of the wall-to-wall wood paneling traditionally used in rustic décor.

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