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10 Budget-Friendly, DIY Nursery Art Ideas


Beautiful nursery art doesn’t need to cost a fortune. With a touch of creativity - and a few helpful tips - you can make your own gorgeous nursery art for a fraction of the cost of store-bought wall décor.

Ready to get started? Why not give one of these simple, DIY gems a try?

Story Book Prints

Photo courtesy of Honey We're Home.

Looking for a cheap alternative to expensive, store-bought nursery prints? Stop scouring the web, and head over to your favorite local bookstore.

With the aid of some inexpensive frames, the children’s books you adored as a kid can be easily transformed into beautiful, meaningful wall art for your little one. Choose a few beautifully illustrated, well-loved classics, or settle on a single title and use it as the basis of a theme.

Art in a Flash

Photo Courtesy of The Farmer's Nest.

Working with an alphabet theme? Consider picking up a pack of attractive flash cards. These classic learning tools can be as beautiful as they are educational, and for less than $10 a pack, a well-illustrated set can save you a fortune on nursery décor. Frame them individually, creating a collage or an orderly border around the room, or save yourself the cost of the frames and string the cards along a wire using miniature clips.

Music to the Eyes

Photo Courtesy of Jane D Photography.

For an elegant, understated and inexpensive nursery display with a personal touch, order the sheet music to your little one’s favorite lullaby (or any other song with personal meaning to your family) and frame each page individually, displaying the entire song. Mount on attractive cardstock for an added pop of color.

The Great Frame Up

Photo Courtesy of Sweet Mint Studios.

Empty frames can add punch to simple displays. These beautiful, vintage baby clothes hang on wall-mounted hooks. A newly painted collection of recycled frames adds drama, transforming the clothes into a work of art. What’s more, the display can be easily updated as your child grows.

Easy as ABC

Photo via The Bump.

This simple yet sophisticated alphabet display was created using leftover fabric scraps and inexpensive cardstock.

Cutting and pasting not your thing? That’s what friends are for! Set up a crafting station with supplies that compliment your nursery colors and theme, and invite each guest at your baby shower to create a letter for your little one. Ask your friends to bring a cheap, second-hand picture frame for their creation. A quick coat of spray paint and you’ll have an elegant and eclectic set!

Yarn-Wrapped Letters

Photo via Catch My Party.

Your soon-to-be baby’s sweet little name is like music to your ears, so why not make it a treat for your eyes too?

These simple, yarn-wrapped letters look gorgeous mounted on a nursery wall. Cut each letter out of cardboard or foam core. Using craft glue and tightly spun yarn, wrap a few inches at a time, applying glue to the back as you go. Finish with a few pretty embellishments for the perfect touch.

Simple Silhouettes

Photo Courtesy of Lilly's Notebook.

Your newborn may not be much of an art connoisseur, but in their eyes, few things are as beautiful as the people they love the most: Mom and Dad. To create your own artistic renderings of your baby’s favorite subject (you!), try creating a simple silhouette using this simple tutorial. Cut, paste and frame!

More Shapely Shadows

Photo Courtesy of Nana Company via Flickr.

If you love the idea of using simple silhouettes to decorate the nursery, but you’re not too keen on seeing your own profile on a daily basis, consider choosing a different subject altogether - your favorite animal, a tree, a car - anything that takes your fancy or suits your theme.

After settling on an image, use it to create a template. Place your template on the back of some cute fabric or card stock, tracing its outline lightly before cutting it out. Mount onto a contrasting background using craft glue and then frame.

Give It Some Punch

Photo Courtesy of Homemade by Jill.

Not much of an artist? If you can use a paper punch tool, then your own paper punch masterpiece is just a few clicks away. All you need is a paper punch tool in a shape of your choice, self-adhesive foam squares, a selection of colorful paper and a box frame.

Using card stock, paint sample chips, or paper salvaged from magazines, punch a number of shapes. Mount each shape onto its own foam square, separating it from the base and creating a 3-D effect. Arrange your shapes to your liking and fix to base. Frame. You can find the full tutorial here.

For a similar project, check out this felt craft wall art project.

No-Sew Fabric Frame Up

Photo courtesy of Erica Brower Photography.

Add color and interest to your nursery design with this simple, no-sew art project.

Choose a selection of colorful fabric scraps. (Each piece need only be a few inches wider than the hoop you plan to frame it in.) Place the fabric in the embroidery hoop, pulling it taut. Place a small amount of glue around the inside edge of the hoop, pressing down the fabric as you go. Trim any excess.

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