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Decorating with Pastels

Spring is the perfect time for pastels! Check out these five refreshing ideas for a spring-inspired nursery palette.

Working with Color
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More Car Seat Recalls

Wednesday April 9, 2014

Evenflo Car Seat - RecalledLess than two months after faulty buckles led Graco to issue one of the largest car seat recalls of all time, another manufacturer, Evenflo, has announced a similar recall affecting more than 1.3 million additional car seats.

According to the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration, the car seats in question feature restraint buckles that may become difficult to open and could even get stuck, preventing the speedy removal of a child in an emergency situation. The problem, as explained on the company's website, results from damaged caused by food, drink and other contaminants that infiltrate the buckle mechanism and cause it to malfunction.

Affected models include convertible and booster seats manufactured between 2011 and 2014, specifically the Momentum, Chase, Maestro, Symphony, Snugli, Titan, SureRide and SecureKid models. Affected seats have a model number prefix of 306, 308, 310, 329, 345, 346, 371 or 385.

Evenflo maintains that a buckle that is currently functioning normally presents no safety risk; however, the company will provide replacement buckles for any recalled model upon request.

To receive a replacement, call 1-800-490-7591 or place an order here.

(Photo via Amazon.)


Spring Cleaning

Monday March 24, 2014

Greener CleanerIt's officially spring! The sun is shining; the birds are singing; and the house... well, (ahem) let's just say the house could use a little sprucing up.

If your home looks anything like mine right now, it's definitely time to start kicking a little bunny bootie - and I'm not talking about the cute and fluffy variety.

But before you attack the dust bunny colony under the couch, you might want to give the nursery a good once-over.

Nurseries see more than their fare share of yuck, and with all those late-night feedings and minor diaper explosions, you may have noticed yours needs a little work.

But keeping a nursery clean can be tricky. How do you keep germs at bay on the changing table? Which household cleaning products are safe for baby? What on earth are you supposed to do with all those tiny, mismatched socks?

Never fear! Help is on the way! Kick off your spring cleaning with these helpful articles:

How to Keep Your Nursery Clean

Six little tips for staying on top of big messes.

Choose a Greener Cleaner

Safe and natural cleaning alternatives for the nursery.

12 Clever Toy Storage Hacks

How to turn ordinary household items into creative toy storage solutions.

DIY Storage Ideas for Kids' Rooms

Easy and inexpensive organizing ideas for DIY Moms.

A Wee Bit of Irish

Friday March 14, 2014

Have a wee bit of Irish in you? (Like, literally?) Why not celebrate your baby's Irish heritage by adding a touch of Irish charm to the nursery.

You don't need a nursery space fit for a leprechaun to show a little Irish pride. A lucky shamrock or a traditional blessing makes for a subtle yet meaningful tribute, connecting your wee one to his Irish roots.

Feeling inspired? Get your Irish on with one of these fun, and totally chic nursery accessories!

A Wee Bit of Irish


1. Shamrock Marquee Light - $249 from VintageMarqueeLights.com

2. Irish Blessing Print - $19 from Etsy's LilyandVal

3. "Kiss Me I'm Irish" Pillow - $39 from Etsy's BuyAPillow.

4. "Lucky Charm" Print - $6 from Etsy's WildbriarDesign

5.  Wooden Shamrock Wall Plaque (24in x 24in) - $79 from Etsy's SlippinSouthern

6. "Just a Wee Bit Irish" Plaque - $22.95 from Etsy's ShabbySignShoppe

(Photos via respective creators as noted above.)

Hide-Away Closet Bunk

Monday March 10, 2014

Closet BunkWhether you want to save space in your little one's room, or just create a kid-friendly place for visiting guests and grandkids, this clever closet-turned-bunkhouse might be exactly what you're looking for.

Tucking beds into a closet opens up floor space, leaving plenty or room for play. Teens and older children may also appreciate the extra room for studying and entertaining friends.

Designing a room for two? Built-in bunks not only maximize space, but also offer a degree of privacy, creating a place where your child can be alone with their thoughts.

Closet bunks also provide a fun and useful solution for small vacation homes and cabins. Transform an empty hall closet into sleep-away camp for the kiddos, making more room for the whole family.

Of course, creating a closet bunk will require you to sacrifice some closet space, but if you don't think you can do without a closet, think again. Creating an alternative space for your kid's clothes is easier then you might think. Not so sure? Check out these 10 terrific solutions for creating a kid's room sans closet.

(Photo via DIY&CraftIdeas.com.)

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